You Have a Unique Purpose on Earth

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Max Lucado once said, “ you weren’t an accident. You weren’t mass produced. You aren’t an assembly line product. You were deliberately planned, specifically gifted and lovingly positioned on the earth by the master craftsman. “ This really resonates so much with me and I don’t know about you. And the purpose that the master craftsman had in mind when He created us, that’s what is called our Destiny. It’s His plan for our lives.

You were created by God for a unique part ONLY you can play in His Kingdom. There are things He has designed purposely for you to do. All of us are born for a reason, but we don’t all discover why. God created each of us with a specific purpose in mind. You have a unique purpose on earth and it is your exclusive responsibility to find out your special assignment on earth. Remember, you can’t hit the target if you don’t know where it is.

So many people spent their lives not quite hitting the mark , feeling very dissatisfied not quite knowing why. When people are struggling to move forward, it’s often because what they’re doing, however well they’re doing it, it’s not aligned with their calling and that’s where the unease comes. And after all the busyness and the energy to get to where they are, the energy starts to lick out and they start asking bigger questions like why am I here ?
For how much longer do you want to continue wandering aimlessly and not knowing your purpose in life ?

We are being trapped in a world of suffering and this suffering stems from ignorance of who we truly are. All suffering in this world is because of ignorance. This ignorance leads to attachment and suffering is experienced as a consequence. Only True Knowledge about who we really are, can cure this suffering. There is no other remedy. True Knowledge of who we truly are, insulates us from suffering and until we find this knowledge, suffering will remain an order of the day.

The moment you discover your purpose in life, your heart will be set on fire to see it manifestation. When you discover your purpose, you’ll live a purpose driven life and that’s when you can understand better what true happiness and freedom feels like. Liberation should be our only goal in life .
Your purpose is the main reason why you are on this planet. Find it if you want to be free in life.

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