The Mystery of Time (Part 1)

Have you ever wondered what time really means? Many great scholars, scientists, philosophers, and teachers have defined Time in beautiful and rational ways. But to me, what Time truly means remains a mystery!

Time is of paramount significance to our very existence as human beings. Depending on how it is managed, Time can be our greatest friend or it can be our greatest enemy, for time waits for no man.

Everything revolves around Time. Everything in this world exists within Time. Life on earth could never exist outside of Time. Time is life; life is Time. Time is the ultimate master. Everything begins with Time and ends with Time. Without Time, there will be no day nor night.

What could be done in this world without Time? Time is a precious resource: once used, it cannot be taken back. Time is the most valuable resource anyone can spend. Time should not be wasted! That is why it should not be misused.

People live their lives every day, planning where to go or what to do next. But in reality, we don’t know how much time we have left on earth. There is a specific time appointed for each of us to depart. Simply put, our time is limited.

It’s important for us to become more concerned about how we are managing our time since we don’t hold it in our hands. For example, an individual can possess great talents but if he/she fails to manage their time wisely, those talents cannot yield success.

You can start to enjoy life when you start to know the value of Time. You can view life from a more vivid perspective when you begin to consider the different times at which various events occur:

  • The time when friends became foes and the time when foes became brothers.
  • The time when trusted companions turned out to be the greatest source of pain and regret.
  • The time when genuine forgiveness was the only medicine to heal the wounds of betrayal, deceit, and fear.

Everyone has a specific time mapped out for their mission on Earth.

If you truly know this, you will be careful with your time. You won’t spend your time hating people or being jealous of people. You won’t spend time backbiting others or holding grudges against them. You won’t spend time keeping unforgiveness within you or lying to your neighbors.

After all, we don’t have enough time to love so why spend time hating people? We don’t have enough time to build so why waste time destroying someone? We don’t have enough time to even promote peace so why waste time creating war? We don’t have enough time to forgive everyone and be free so why waste time holding on to unforgiveness? We don’t have enough time to be hopeful so why waste time being hopeless?

Consider the parable of the prodigal son who, at one point in time, went to his father and requested his own share of his father’s possessions, because he felt it was time for him to independently manage his time. After squandering all that was given to him, he took time to realize that he has wasted his time.

Let us not waste our time! They say time is money. Do you know the time people take to waste on insignificant things, others are using that same time to make money? The time people use to envy, hate and backbite other people is the same time they could use to concentrate on themselves and become their greatest visions!

Consider these truths:

  • God took time to create us in His image and after His likeness.
  • Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah used his time to gain independence for Ghana.
  • Nelson Mandela used his time to stop Apartheid in South Africa.
  • Italian Explorer, Christopher Columbus used his time to discover the ‘’new world.’’
  • Senior Prophet TB Joshua used his time to avail himself for God to use him to deliver His people from all manners of oppression and affliction of the devil.
  • Mark Zuckerberg used his time to create Facebook.
  • Samuel Eto Fils used his time to be the Samuel Eto Fils we know today.
  • Nana Kwame Bediako is using his time to be Freedom Jacob Caesar.
  • You are currently using your time to read about the consciousness of time.

What Are We Achieving with Our Time?

Take time to have a retrospective look at life. Humanity has progressed and retrogressed greatly over time. What time is it for you?

  • Is it time to put the broken pieces together and rebuild?
  • Is it time to forget the past and start afresh?
  • Is it time for you to truly discover yourself and create the ‘fulfillment-of-purpose’ mentality?

God has given each one of us a specific time to be in this world so that we can make positive impacts. Each of us has a purpose to fulfill.

In what ways are you using your time to positively impact your home, your school, your community, your nation, and the world? Today, a lot of people blame others for their misfortunes, not realizing that their main problem has been the fact that they don’t know how to manage their time. What are you spending your time on?

  • Are you using your time to hate your brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, uncles, aunties, friends, or colleagues?
  • Are you using your time to backbite other people?
  • Are you using your time to be jealous of other people?
  • Are you using your time to love yourself?
  • Are you using your time to love other people?
  • Are you using your time to learn new skills and become better at what you do?
  • Are you using your time to give hope to the hopeless?
  • Are you using your time to cause a positive change in someone’s life?
  • Are you using your time to help the vulnerable and less privileged?
  • Are you using your time to build or to destroy?
  • Are you using your time to love or to hate?
  • Are you using your time to elevate or eradicate?

Even God works with time! God uses Time to reveal Himself to us and give us a deeper understanding of His unfailing love and immeasurable power. With time, He defeated the orchestrated deception which took place in the Garden of Eden; which caused mankind to fall from grace.

When the time was right, God carried out His redemption plan for mankind. With time, God allowed Joseph to go to the pit, then to the house of temptation, then to the prison, and finally to the palace.

With time, God raised David, a poor shepherd boy who defeated the ruthless giant and eventually sat on the throne of Israel.

Everything under the sun happens within time. Even the Bible was written over a period of time.

  • Who is he that gathers his wheat during summer and stores enough for his convenience during winter: is it not he that is time-conscious?
  • Who is he that saves a penny a day, with the hope that he can amass wealth over a period of time: is it not he that is time-conscious?
  • Who is he that knows when to sleep and when to wake up, when to play and when to work: is it not he that is time-conscious?

People who are time-conscious are the best managers of Time. Some people spend time fantasizing about the best life there is but do nothing to realize the life they fantasize about.

Great inventors spend time thinking and taking well-calculated steps to come up with great inventions and discoveries.

It takes time for the mother to conceive a seed, house it, nourish and develop it until the time is due for delivery. It takes a particular time for the mother to bring forth the seed she has carried over a period of time.

Without Time, the human race would wander, unrestricted and purposeless, not knowing the significance of goals and visions, unable to set priorities, and not knowing when to start and when to finish. For it is out of the consciousness of time that man is able to make choices, set goals and priorities, and remind himself of the needful because he knows he does not have all the time in the world.

With proper management of Time, we can hew, out of our God-given abilities and talents, mountains of success! It takes time for the table to turn, so why use Time to oppress the less privileged? Within the slightest blink of time, The Creator is able to uplift the poor, strengthen the weak, and dignify the nobody! Why use Time to oppress the weak? Why use Time to badmouth and backbite someone?

Everything in the universe obeys Time. There could be no moment without Time because time and moment cannot be separated. A world without Time could only exist as long as there were no changes, for Time and change are linked.

Time is of the essence! Time is an available, yet, scarce resource. Time is not to be wasted. It’s about time you ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I using my time to build or to destroy?
  • Am I using my time to love or to hate?
  • What will I be remembered for, for the time I am spending on planet Earth?

Time decides your stay in this world. Time lovers are those who use it wisely. As long as you invest positive energies into your time, you can be assured of making positive impacts on your family, community, state, region, country, and the world at large.

If you want to create real change right where you are, you must start taking Time more seriously. If you desire to see the changes you want in the world, you must become more aware of the reality of Time.

Let us use our time wisely! Time is everything! And always remember, Truth is the greatest religion.

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