The Importance of Knowing Who You Are and Sticking to Your Belief

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Have you ever looked at the mirror and seen a stranger looking back? Are you easily persuaded by the influence of others? Do you find it difficult to be consistent in your principles and values in life?
Perhaps you need a trip down memory lane and be reminded of who you are, or at least who you were before you became what or who you are today. Reflect on your past experiences and the people that shaped you into the ‘you’ that you are today.

● Look in the mirror and tell yourself, ‘I’m beautiful,’ ‘I’m handsome,’ ‘I’m strong,’
‘I’m gifted,’ ‘I’m blessed,’ ‘I’ve got what it takes?’
● Stop the self-condemnation and take the leap of faith!
● Get out of that bed of hopelessness, freshen up and step out with boldness
and faith, knowing that you can give positive contributions to the world.
● Tell yourself: ‘saying it is not sufficient, I must work it out!’
● No matter the state you are in right now, tell yourself: ‘I am great and my
greatness must manifest!’
Discover yourself or, perhaps, rediscover yourself. Stick to your beliefs. Love yourself.
Encourage yourself. Know yourself and to yourself, be truthful.
Always remember, Truth is the greatest religion!
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If you want to go further in life and reach a goal without swaying left and right, you need to know who you are, what your beliefs are, and stick to them. Otherwise, you’d be absorbing somebody else’s identity and hanging on to other people’s beliefs, and making them your own. In the end, that wouldn’t work simply because it’s not really you.
Why is it important to believe in yourself?
Nobody in this world can ever know you more than you know yourself. This is why it is very essential for you to discover yourself and believe in yourself. Discovering yourself and believing in yourself means you know what God has deposited inside of you, the values you have, and the unwillingness to let go of those values and beliefs, no matter the circumstance.
In Ancient Greece, the philosopher Socrates superbly professed that the unexamined life was not worth living. When he was asked to sum up what all philosophical commandments could be brought down to, he replied: ‘know yourself.’
Sometimes life throws challenging situations at us. Sometimes we are left with no
choice but to face and go through difficulties. Sometimes we are left alone to fight our way out of our darkest moments.
But the truth is this, you can always win if you believe! I tell you this is not out of
philosophical knowledge or some teachings I received while sitting in cozy
classrooms and having prolific professors instruct me.
I tell you this with so much confidence because I have survived dark days, turbulent times, and painful experiences. I have survived! I have conquered! When you’re going through the difficulties of life, have faith and tell yourself ‘I’m going to come out of this victorious.’
Why is it important to stick to your beliefs?
Now, let’s consider a scenario of animals: the lion is known as the king of the jungle.
But no matter how hungry a lion is, it can never eat grass. The same applies to the
zebra. No matter how hungry a zebra is, it can never eat flesh. That is self-discipline!
When you know who you are and you believe in who you are, then you must stick to the belief of who you are in order for you to be a self-disciplined person. Sadly, a lot of people in the world today are living very poor self-disciplined lives. And that is mostly because they lack self-awareness of who they are and what they should stand for or stand against.
That is also because they lack the ability to see beyond their challenges. For example, if a human being is hungry, he/she can eat something they know they should not eat; just because they are hungry.
The moment some people start having difficulties, they run to other people, who
they should not even go to, with their problems and begin to explain their problems; just because they don’t have faith and because they can’t see beyond their difficulties. So they give power to things that should not have power over them.
Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying you can’t ask for help or it’s not necessary to ask for help at times. All I’m saying is that you should know who to go to for help and when to ask for help.

Why is it important to stand up for what you believe in?
Earlier, I mentioned that I have been through dark days, turbulent times, and painful experiences. When I left Cameroon and migrated to Ghana, life wasn’t pleasant for me at the time. In fact, I left Cameroon without an international passport. I only had my Cameroonian ID card.

Upon arriving at the Aflao border, the border between Togo and Ghana, an argument broke up between my bus driver and the Immigration officer who was checking the passengers travelling documents, when the Immigration officer found out that I didn’t have a passport.

The Immigration officer got really annoyed when the driver, who refused to pay extra money for his passenger who didn’t have a passport, spoke harshly to him.
Consequently, the Immigration officers at the border denied me entry into Ghana
and also detained me for two nights, awaiting repatriation.
On the third day, the very bus that took me from Lagos to the border was on its way back to Lagos, so the Ghana Immigration Officers put me on the bus back to Lagos. When I arrived in Lagos, I had nowhere to go and no money to pay for

So I went to Prophet TB Joshua’s Synagogue, Church of All Nations. I stayed there for two months before a Cameroonian friend of mine who was staying in Jos invited me to come over. I stayed with my friend in Jos for four months but I had to return to Lagos because I had a mission to accomplish: a mission to overcome limitations and become great.

When I returned from Jos, I stayed at the Synagogue for another two weeks. That
was when I met a fellow Cameroonian named Bernard. Bernard was into trading at the time and was on his way to Ghana.
Teaming up with Bernard, I headed for Ghana the second time. This time I
succeeded! Bernard had with him twenty-six pieces of a plate-like gas cooker that
he’s intending to sell. I took the gas cookers to the market and started selling them immediately after we entered Accra.

It shocked Bernard that I was able to sell some of the gas cookers and return to him with money. A week later, I got a security job. I spent only two weeks in the uniform and then I went into construction as a labourer.
Life on the streets of Accra wasn’t easy for me as I hustled from one construction site to another. I later took interest in searching out things on the internet. On a fateful day, I came across a post advertising a house for sale, with an attractive commission for the agent who will sell the house.

Immediately, I began to do research on how to become a real estate agent and how to sell a house. Finally, I was able to sell the house and I got the commission. That was how my career in real estate began.
That’s just a fraction of my story. The lesson to learn from it is this: be focused and never allow your current struggles to determine your future. Don’t get tired of pushing and pressing on to get out of the deplorable condition you are in, no matter how difficult and impossible it may be.

Positive Affirmations to Remind Yourself Daily I used to sleep in uncompleted buildings and on the streets of Accra. Even when I was hungry and broke, I always told myself, ‘I’m a great man and the greatness in me must manifest.’ Now, I can confidently say I am happy and confident where I am right now but there’s so much more ahead that’s waiting for me.

Declare these affirmations to yourself today:
● I CAN get out of this situation.
● I HAVE what it takes to become successful.
● I AM created with great potential that I can bring to life and become a great
● I WILL NOT BE discouraged by my past or the last bad break I had. It’s not all
over for me.
● I AM loved and I can love again.
● I AM NOT defined by other people’s impressions of me.
● I AM strong enough to face my fears and challenges.
● I DON’T NEED anyone’s permission to keep living.
Discover yourself! Know what you’ve got! Know yourself! And stick to your positive beliefs and values! You were not created to fail.
The challenges you face are the tests you must pass in order for you to make it. The unfair treatments and unpleasant experiences are opportunities for you to draw out some of the lessons of life that should make you strong. Don’t concentrate too much on the experience; concentrate on the lesson.
Here’s what you should do or continue doing from now on:

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