The Danger of Not Knowing Who You Are

The Danger of Not Knowing Who You Are

Our main problem is that we don’t know ourselves. Because if we know ourselves and the power we have, we won’t be living to please people. External validation won’t mean anything to you.

If you know who you are, you can’t hate or be jealous of someone because you’ll stand in your power and that’s your uniqueness, that’s who you truly are. There’s chaos in society today because we don’t know who we are.

We don’t know ourselves that’s why we are in competition with one another. We are trained from our early stage in life that we have to beat somebody to become the winner instead of performing our best and outshine them naturally. When you don’t outshine others naturally, it’s difficult to have peace of mind.

Peace of mind is what we all need so that there can be calm within us to be connected to our high self. When your heart is in chaos, you can’t hear your spirit talk to you because you gear your spirit through your heart, not your ears.

A lot of us today have done a lot of things that put our hearts to unlimited war which is the most dangerous of all wars you can fight as a human. You must be able to conquer yourself because he who conquers himself is the mightiest warrior.

Most of us are not connected to our high selves because of certain things we did in the past. This pain of the past can break you or make you, the choice is yours. You can choose to let it be where it’s supposed to be in the past and know that there’s a lot ahead of you that you can’t afford to lose because of a particular mistake you made in the past. Don’t kill yourself for it, all of us make mistakes and I can tell you that the most successful people in the world are the ones who have made a lot of mistakes.

We need to understand that we control less than 5% of what happens to us but how we respond is very important because the power to change situations around isn’t outside us but it’s all in us, that’s why we are responsible for what we do because we have the power within us to make peace or war.

Life cannot determine 90% of what happens to you and still dictate to you how to respond. That power is within us but we don’t know ourselves that’s why we are giving our power to those who don’t even know who they are.

The Importance of Knowing Who You Are

We don’t know ourselves because we have not accepted to face the circumstances that will transform us and make us know who we truly are. We are not supposed to be happy always. As a man you’ll have to face challenges at some point in your life to learn some lessons needed for you to move to your next level in life- your next level in life isn’t about how rich you’ll become. There’s the next level to love, joy, happiness, and peace of heart which precedes money.

We don’t even know who we are but we feel so comfortable telling someone that we love them. We need to know ourselves and start to love ourselves first so that we can understand what love is. The relationship you have with yourself is the most complicated relationship of your life because you can never walk away from yourself.  You have to forgive yourself for every mistake, you have to deal with every flaw and you have to find a way to love yourself even when you are disgusted with yourself.

When you can properly love yourself, you’ll come to realize that every individual has some weaknesses and there’s none free from weaknesses in this life. When you know this about yourself, you can then tell someone you love them because you’re already aware that he or she is human and as a result will definitely have some weaknesses.

The mistake we make is that when we meet new people we turn to think they’re perfect that’s why when there’s a small misunderstanding in the relationship, the one who considers him or herself to be the victim, leaves the relationship.

There are a lot of spoiled marriages and relationships today because those involve never ever truly know who they were and the big problem is they try to control someone. How can you manage someone if you don’t know how to manage yourself first? They say charity begins at home.

The Beauty of Knowing Who You Are

For us to know ourselves, we need to start thinking beyond this physical body. We are not this body, we are the energy that carries this body. If we are that energy that talks in us, then what is that energy should be our main question. Asking what this energy is, isn’t enough, we need to start asking why is it that there’s so much confusion about us knowing our true selves.

The moment we know ourselves is the moment we become free. Free from the constructs of society, free from our opinions. A mentally free man is a dangerous man. Our highest priority in life should be to be free from all societal conditions.

Who you truly are has got nothing to do with your level of education or your position in life. We prioritize this physical body so much that we forget to know that the spirit comes before the body. We prioritize physical winning to the extent that we forget that winning spiritually precedes it.

If we don’t come to this understanding, we are only being left at the mercy of our ego, the ego is the monster. The most crucial skill you can have is the ability to realize your true self. Instead of seeking permission from others, when you know who you are, you know what you need to do.

It allows you to avoid a lot of the frustration that comes from wasting time on the wrong things. Yes, life is supposed to be full of mistakes, but this allows you to zero in on the greatest places to explore. You will gain confidence, grasp your mission, and begin to have a greater impact on the world after you have a better understanding of yourself.

How to Discover your True Self

So, how do you figure out who you are and what you should accomplish with your life? The following are the six steps you must do to discover your true self:

  1. Be Quiet 

You can’t and won’t learn about yourself until you take the time to be still. Many people are unacquainted with themselves because quiet terrifies them; being alone with all of their flaws glaring back at them is too uncomfortable. But you won’t be able to view every aspect of your life—the good and the bad—until you get alone, analyze yourself, and be absolutely honest with yourself. Quiet yourself and you will find your genuine self.

  1. Recognize who you are, rather than who you wish to be. 

I know you have a clear concept of who you want to be, but it may not be the person you were born to be. When you understand who you are, you’ll be able to see how you and your unique gifts fit into the larger picture.

  1. Figure out what you’re good at (and not good at). 

This may be the most challenging stage in figuring out who you really are, but it’s also the most important. Sure, it takes a lot of trial and error to figure out what you’re good at, and sure, I don’t want you to give up before you’ve given it your all, but understanding when to quit is a skill that everyone should master.

When you’ve put in enough time and your efforts aren’t paying off, quit. How much time is enough? You are the only one who can make that decision. When you quit wisely, however, you’re not giving up; instead, you’re making a place for something better

  1. Figure out what you’re really interested in. 

Following a passion of any kind is a fantastic thing to do, and you should pay attention when it comes up since it indicates an area of your life where you need to focus more. It’s a positive thing if we’re talking about following your passion at work. And it’s a positive thing if we’re talking about having greater life passion. You’ll have a greater influence if you focus more on your passions and gain a better understanding of yourself. Passion fuels effort, and consistent effort fuels outcomes, resulting in a deeper exploration of your inner self.

  1. Request comments. 

Hearing what people have to say about you can be beneficial if you don’t know yourself. Ask them two easy questions: “What strengths do you believe I should work on more?” and “What weaknesses do you think I should work on more?” “What do you believe my flaws are?” and “How do you think I can improve?” Of course, their view isn’t going to be perfect, but it will most likely point out a few areas that you should examine again. This phase is very crucial for those who are having trouble figuring out who they are. Those closest to us may be able to see something in us that we are unable to perceive in ourselves.

  1. Take a look at your relationships. 

Your relationships play an important role in discovering yourself. The value of knowing oneself becomes even more clear when you realize you’ll never genuinely know anyone else until you discover yourself. This is especially true for business executives because you will be lost as a leader if you do not know the people on your team. This law, however, applies to whatever relationship you have in your life. Other people, almost as much as you need to know themselves, need to know who you are. People require you—the genuine you.

Use your reflections to overcome your worst concerns, because once you know who you are, your purpose will outweigh your fears. You will spend less time spinning your wheels once you understand who you are. Focusing on your strengths will provide you the traction you need to create a bigger and better impact in the world. When you realize who you are, you will have more peace and achieve success faster than ever before.

Now, go forth and discover your true self, beginning today.

Always remember, Truth is the greatest religion!


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