The Biblical Way of Overcoming Fear

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What’s your greatest fear? Some would say oblivion, others death. Some would say not realizing their dreams, others the uncertainty of tomorrow. In reality, all these keep people from becoming successful.

A lot of people also blame not having enough money, time, or opportunities. They think that if they only have all three, they’d be miles away from where they’re currently standing. However, think about this…

The greatest obstacle to success is not the lack of resources, the lack of opportunities, and what have you. The greatest obstacle to success is the lack of courage – the lack of self-motivation – to do the needful.

There’s a name for that, you know. And it is infamously known as FEAR! Fear is the absence of Faith.

Most people hold back and do not venture into things that will lead them on the path to Success because they are afraid they’re going to fail, they are afraid of what people will say. But what they don’t understand is that it is in their failure, as they make attempts to succeed, that they are going to learn, that they are going to evolve and become what God wants them to be.

Faith vs Fear

Fear is to man as fire is to gold. Every piece of gold must go through the extreme heat of fire first before it can become lustrous, beautiful, and precious. Unfortunately, a lot of people are not willing to through the fire of life to become what God wants them to be.

Nothing takes God unaware! Nothing goes unnoticed by God. God knows why you are where you are right now. He knows why you are faced with the challenge you’re currently facing. Your job is to stay in faith, trust God and keep a positive spirit within you while taking a step to overcome fear.

Never be afraid to go through your own fire of life, because the fire of life teaches us the necessary lessons we need to learn in order for us to become capable enough to handle the blessings that were already reserved for us before our very existence.

You can become that man, that woman, you wish to be in your family, community, institution, town, country, and the world at large if only you’ll accept to take up the courage and face your fears.

Fear keeps you from exploring and discovering new realities. Fear prevents you from attaining new heights of joy. Every goal-getter is a fear overcomer!

Fear tells you, you can’t get this….you can’t get that; you can’t become this…you can’t become that. You must stand in faith and ignore the voice of fear or perhaps silence it! A fearless life is one that places faith over fear.

Feat tells you how big the obstacle is, but Faith tells you how big your ability is. Fear tells you how weak you are, but Faith tells you how strong you are.

Fear tells you “you can’t”, but Faith tells you ” you can”.

Fear tells you “it’s impossible”, but Faith tells you “it’s possible”.

Fear tells you “you’re not good enough”, but Faith tells you “you have what it takes”. Choose faith over fear, for it is our greatest weakness!

Fear provides the experience of emotional anticipation of some specific pain or danger. But Faith creates a feeling of confidence.

Being fearless does not mean you are reckless, unmannered, disobedient, or impolite.

Being fearless means you’re of the obviousness of danger or peril but you are calmly resolute in overcoming them.

Fear sees the challenge; Faith sees the way out. Fear sees the battle; Faith sees the victory.

Fear sees impossibilities; Faith sees possibilities. Say “NO” to fear!

5 Tips on How to Overcome Fear

There’s no silver lining to living in fear. You might think you’re able to avoid failure, rejection, or discomfort altogether when you live in fear but in reality, it will just prevent you from doing things you want to do.

Don’t allow Fear to take years from you before you realize that it’s holding you back and you have to do something about it. Here’s what you can do in order to overcome your fear:

1.   Examine your thoughts about your fear and question its basis in reality.

You see, most of the time, your fears are just greatly exaggerated and in reality, everything will be alright even if it does not go according to plan. Your mind is the playground of the enemy. Since he can’t hurt you physically, he’ll just make things up in your mind.

And since the mind is a powerful tool, the fear you’re imagining seems so real that it paralyzes you from moving and doing anything. Once you understand how the enemy works, you’ll wake up from the deception and see fear for what it really is – a bad thought that can be easily eliminated.

2.    Learn some relaxation techniques such as deep breathing and visualization that you can use any time you feel afraid.

Instead of caving into your fear, take a deep breath and visualize happy thoughts or scenes in order to redirect your mind. Your emotions will just follow. Close your eyes, if needed, and take three deep breaths. Take more as needed until you feel your nerves calming down.

Discover relaxation techniques that work for you. Some deal with fear through prayer, reading the bible, and even for some, sleeping. Others go on long walks, some go to the gym, and some watch movies or complete chores to distract themselves.

3.    Make the decision to stop avoiding your fear.

Just thinking about not being afraid of anything anymore doesn’t really help. Planning it on your mind does not count. You need to make the commitment and decide that you’re no longer going to avoid your fear.

Gather the courage to face your fears. It’s not going to be easy but it’s going to be worth it. Just take one step at a time and one day you’ll find yourself way ahead of your old, scared self.

4.     Substitute negative thoughts with positive ones.

Whenever you feel yourself drifting towards something bad and negative, try to counter it with positive thoughts. Perhaps good memories you had in the past or the things that you’re looking forward to in the future. Imagining yourself with your loved ones also helps.

5.    Ease your way into facing your fears, not abruptly or all at once.

Fear doesn’t disappear overnight. It takes practice, it takes gently easing your way into that fear and knowing how to recompose yourself when it overwhelms you until it passes.

Once you do these, you’ll feel so proud that you faced your biggest fear head-on. You’ll feel like that thing that had such a powerful hold on you for so long had finally loosened its grip.

You would still feel some anxiety when facing your fears but now you have the tools to face them with mindfulness. You will finally be free.

Famous People Throughout History Who Bravely Faced their Fears

A lot of people have great dreams: dreams of becoming renowned Medical Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, sound Politicians and Agents of change, great Philanthropists, great men and women of God, etc. But they fear they don’t have what it takes, they don’t have the family backgrounds, social status, or economic status to turn their dreams into realities.

Many people think they don’t have what it takes for them to become what God wants them to be. That is the feeling of fear! Emancipate yourself from the bondage of fear and you’ll discover that you have what it takes for you to become what God wants you to be.

Lots of great people have emerged in different parts of the world, all because they were fearless.

  1. Harriet Tubman was born into slavery in about 1820. She escaped in 1849. Because she believed that all men were created equal and dignified by God, she escaped slavery and would facilitate the subsequent escape of hundreds of slaves via the Underground Railroad, a network of antislavery activists and safe houses across the northern US. Some estimates suggest she freed upwards of 200 slaves during 15 trips in the 1850s, never losing one – or allowing them to turn back.

Harriet Tubman was aware of the consequences of escaping slavery as well as the magnitude of the offense of facilitating the escape of slaves at that time, yet, she stood for her belief and she did the needful!

  • David trusted in God, and so he had no reason to fear the fierce giant who had threatened the entire army of Israel for weeks. Out of his fearlessness, the great giant fell before him and he was able to cut off his head, setting one of the greatest records in the history of Israel. David knew Goliath was not putting up a bluff, yet, he faced the giant and eliminated him.
  • Caleb didn’t say there were no giants in the land. And he was not ignorant of the fact that giants don’t easily let go of their possessions. Yet, he said they should possess the land. And in the end, they did possess it!

There is a conqueror in you! There is a king in you! There is a queen in you! There is greatness in you!

You can achieve those desires of your heart. But what you need to do first is cast out fear from your heart and then start working on your dreams, because there is no success without good planning and hard work.

Always remember, truth is the greatest religion!

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