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Billy Gomez

Over four years ago, I began coaching and empowering others. I had to go through several difficult life scales before becoming the man I am now. After leaving my comfort zone in Cameroon, I had to face a bigger number of life challenges, from crossing borders to surviving as an immigrant in Ghana. I've gone through it all, to tell you the truth. From sleeping in unfinished structures and on the streets of Accra to working my entire soul and body out as a laborer in construction projects while hoping for the best in Accra's most horrific ghetto settlements and in the middle of societal discrimination, I've experienced it all. My entire life has been a proven and true motivation for all people who come to me for help in overcoming their challenges. My purpose was revealed to me in the midst of these life hardships.

The person who has endured a comparable ordeal is the ideal person to help you get through the dark times, and my entire life has been an unforgettable battle to preserve myself in the two mirrored sides of our modern-day society.

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