Discovering Your Purpose in Life

Have you ever asked yourself what’s your life’s purpose? This is a question that has been asked since the beginning of time by everyone at one point in their lives. But come to think of it, what exactly are we supposed to do in this life? Why is it so important for every person to discover their life’s purpose, and how can one tell if they have fulfilled it?

What exactly is the point of our existence? Were we created solely to grow physically, go to school, graduate, acquire a job, earn money, get married, have children, grow old, and die? Personally, I don’t believe so.

There’s a whole lot more to life than simply existing. There must be more to life than simply existing. There should be a higher goal in life, which is to discover the true answer to the question, “Who are you?” The only goal should be liberation. Isn’t it true that you wish to be free? How much longer do you want to be endlessly wandering?

We often forget to focus on the things that are truly essential in the rush and bustle of daily life. What is the purpose of our existence? Do you know what you want to do with your life? What happens when you die?

These are important questions to ask ourselves if we are to find our life’s purpose. Finding our purpose seems more vital than ever in today’s fast-paced, technology-filled society, where we are tugged in many directions at once. Every human being on the globe has a distinct purpose, and it is our exclusive job to discover that purpose during our lifetime.

These questions should arise from our curiosity about our lives and the future ahead of us, and it is through our curiosity about our lives and the future ahead of us that we might discover our purpose. Knowing our purpose is crucial to living a successful and joyful life, as living with a purpose affects everything. Our perspective on life, thinking, behavior, and approach to life’s problems will all alter once we discover our purpose.

You have a creator, whether you are a Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, or whatever. Your creator gave you powers. When we’re unsure what to do with our God-given abilities to live a full life, we set long-term goals that will have a beneficial impact on others and ourselves.

Goals that foster a sense of purpose are those that have the ability to affect other people’s lives as well as our own. Knowing our purpose allows us to understand who we are and what our mission on this planet is. On this planet, everyone has a task to complete. That is why our Creator equipped us with the skills we need to complete our mission. Our main aim should be to complete our assignment on Earth successfully for the benefit of others and ourselves.

Why is it important to know your purpose?

People who didn’t find purpose in their lives easily give up when life gets a bit difficult. These are the people who quit on themselves and find it easy to leave the world and the people who love them behind. Here are some of the reasons why it’s critical for you to know your purpose.

  1. Knowing our purpose gives us a sense of direction in life. It’s like a compass that guides us where to go and what steps to take. You may get sidetracked once in a while but as long as you have that compass that is your purpose, you can always find your way back on track. It’s the best reason to wake up each day – to have that goal to reach your destination.
  2. Knowing our purpose gives us a sense of self-awareness and self-love. It causes us to have no reason to envy another person or compare ourselves with other people. When you’re too focused on your purpose, you have no time to crave other people’s lives because you’re on a journey of your own. You get to understand that though other people’s lives may look different and better compared to yours, only your purpose will give you true happiness and contentment.
  3. Knowing our purpose in life is important because if we fail to discover our purpose, a lot of lives will be affected. Somebody’s success is tied to our success. The destinies of other people are tied to our destiny. If we fail, they are likely to fail. If we succeed, they are likely to succeed. And that is because success and destiny depend on the purpose.
  4. Knowing our purpose gives us true happiness in life because once we discover our purpose we will have no need to focus on things that distract and cause failure. Sometimes in life, we lose and we fail and that’s okay. Holding on to our purpose gives us that sense to not let go and continue living because we have something to look forward to. In other words, mistakes and failures may bring us down, but they won’t stop us from getting up again.
  5. Knowing our purpose gives us contentment because once we discover our purpose we will have no reason to unnecessarily compete with anyone. In reality, we are in competition with ourselves, never with anyone. Instead of trying to outdo others just to prove something to ourselves, we focus all energy and effort on outdoing ourselves day after day to become a better person and fulfill our purpose in life.
  6. Knowing our purpose gives us a sense of self-worth because once we discover our purpose, we become aware that our life has meaning. It reassures us that we’re not here by accident and that Someone really decided for us to be here because He has something stored for us. And that’s for us to find out. Quitting will no longer be an option, but persevering, hoping, and believing will always be at the forefront of our daily lives.
  7. If we’re not growing, then we’re dying. We naturally only feel fulfilled when we’re improving ourselves or our lives in some way. Everything in life is calling us to grow. When we stop growing, we start feeling pain, fear, and anxiety. We are then susceptible to envy as we look around and see what everyone else has that we don’t. Instead of asking “What is my purpose in life?,” we start coveting status, material goods, and power. But all those things will ultimately leave you feeling empty.

How to discover your purpose

Now that you know the importance of discovering your life’s purpose, it’s time to answer the question that’s been going on in your mind, “how do I discover my purpose?” Yes, each and every one of us has our own specific purpose, and here’s how you can discover yours:

  1. Be curious about your own life. The world’s greatest discoveries started with a single person’s curiosity. Let this be like so in your life. Ask questions that will help you discover your purpose. You can start right where you are – where you’re born, the family you’re in, your status in life, and so on. These puzzle pieces will help you put the whole picture together.
  2. Know your abilities and set long-term goals that can be achieved with those abilities. Most often than not, your purpose is tied to your talents and abilities. Those who are good at singing or dancing end up being great artists and performers. What are you good at? Do something with it; cultivate it and it will take you to far places.
  3. Know what specific impacts you can make or what service you can render for the good of others and yourself. If there’s one thing that’s certain, your purpose is not for your own benefit but for serving others. How can you use your talents and abilities to help others? Living your life for others can give the greatest fulfillment none of the things of this world can offer.
  4. Search inward. Look within yourself. This means you have to discover who you are – your passion, interests, talents, values, and the kind of life you’re meant to live. This will help give you a clear understanding of your life’s purpose so you can live a fulfilled life.
  5. Take ownership of your life. No one’s going to live your life for you or make things right when they’re wrong but yourself. When you take responsibility for your life and do not blame others for whatever your current situation is right now, you’ll be able to discover your purpose.
  6. Think about what brings you joy and happiness. These two equate to being contented and fulfilled in life. What are the things that you do that make you genuinely happy? The kind where no matter how tired you are, you still do it because it gives you peace and pleasure. Take a look at these things and they will help you find the key to your life’s purpose.
  7. Cultivate gratitude and altruism. A purpose-filled life produces a heart of gratitude. No matter what comes your way, be it good or bad, always find a reason to be thankful. Look into the happiness of others as well and find ways to cheer them up. This is something that needs to be practiced daily, even in times of great distress – especially times of great distress!
  8. Turn hurts into healing for others. Have you ever had a painful experience in your life? Don’t let it be the ending to your story. Just like how every movie starts with a protagonist who experiences all the pain and hurt their life can over, they somehow find a way to cope and get over it and become successful. Whether it be family, relationships, career, and such. Let your life’s lesson help others heal.

In conclusion, our purpose is what defines the very essence of our existence. Our purpose assures us that our life is worth living because we have a mission to accomplish. We can only choose our path after we have discovered our purpose and Once we are on our path, we can reach the highest height of happiness because we know that we are living a purpose-driven life. Once we discover our purpose, we become assured of being stable in our ways.

  • Let’s pause and ask ourselves, ‘what unique qualities do we possess and how can we use our uniqueness for the good of others and ourselves?
  • Let’s Ask ourselves, ‘what contributions can we make to impact the lives of the people around us and those afar?’
  • Let’s Ask ourselves, ‘what are our abilities, and what goals can be achieved through our abilities?’
  • Let’s Ask ourselves, ‘how can our lives give meaning to the lives of other people and mankind in general ?’

We must realize the essence of our existence so that we can live a fulfilled life because when it’s our time to exit this planet earth, the only thing that we can look back and be proud of will not be our mansions on earth, our cars, the expensive trips we made abroad or the expensive things we had, What will make us proud and genuinely happy of our life on earth will be our contribution to mankind in general; how well we treated people, how we made others smile when they were depressed, how we gave shelter to the homeless, how we gave good health to those who were ill, how we fed those who were hungry and how we helped the needy.

These are the things that’ll matter to us when our time is up.

So ask yourself, are you in tune with your purpose in life or you’re just living life to please others?

Are you still living a life where the opinion of other people is more important than yours?

Are you in tune with your purpose or you are busy seeking validation from people so that you can feel worthy of yourself?

Are you in tune with your purpose or you’re busy competing unnecessarily with your “social media friends “, social media makes you depend so much on external validation making you forget that the real Power is within you.

Always remember, Truth is the greatest religion!


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