4 Reasons Why Success is the Best Revenge

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The universe is full of countless records of pain, loss, disadvantage, ill will, pretense, betrayal, deceit, and many more. A lot of people are still carrying the bitterness of their past within them. Some people are waiting patiently for the right opportunities to pay their offenders with the same manner of ill-treatments they gave them.

Others are hoping that some way, somehow, their offenders will be rewarded even by strangers. Revenge is sweet when the opportunity is presented for it to be executed. It is always overwhelming to see the hunter becoming the hunted.

It is always overwhelming to see the predator becoming the prey. It is always overwhelming to see the captor becoming the captive. Revenge is enjoyable when it is in your favor.

In the opinion of many, a lot of people deserve revenge. A lot of people can attest to the fact that many people deserve paybacks for their wicked deeds. A lot of people feel the best way they can shame their critics, haters, and offenders is for them to pay evil for evil.

A lot of people believe that until they take their revenge, they cannot be happy and free from their bitter past. This is so sad because happiness and freedom cannot be gotten by taking an eye for an eye. Taking an eye for an eye only stains the conscience and injures the soul the more.

The best revenge is success!

The reason why people maltreat, underestimate, cheat and look down on other people is that they feel these people don’t match up to certain standards, because they feel these people don’t fit in certain classes and because they feel these people are vulnerable and lesser in value.

People take advantage of other people because they feel they are in better and higher positions. People take advantage of other people because they feel or believe they have certain edges and privileges that give them the audacity to do so.

The victim is always seen by the offender to be in a less privileged position. For anyone to take advantage of you, that person must first believe that they are of a higher value or they are in a higher position than you. So instead of making the offender the target for your revenge, you should rather make the condition, quality, position, or belief that gave the offender the audacity to offend you your target. Deal with the source and the effects will cease to prevail.

The Story of the Ice Block Merchant and the Business Woman

There was once a man in a certain West African Country who was selling ice blocks in the general market of a commercial township within the capital city of that country. At the same time, he was attending a private university. The selling of ice blocks was the only thing he did at that time for a living. But this man never saw his condition as a hindrance to his destiny.

He always had the belief that someday he would become great. A very business-focused woman was selling close to him in the market. They were colleagues, as a matter of fact.

The ice seller eventually fell in love with the said woman and made up his mind to tell her how he felt for her, even though he knew she was doing far better in business than he was. When the man told the woman how he felt for her, she got annoyed and insulted him. The woman insulted the man on several occasions for thinking she would stoop so low to accept his proposal.

She made sure she spread the information to all the other people who were selling close to them in the market. She was really determined to embarrass the poor ice seller. And she did embarrass him!

She seized to show respect for the man even when he tried to apologize to her for making her angry with his proposal. The woman actually took the man’s proposal as an insult because she felt she was of a higher value than him.

She threw words into his face and injured him emotionally with her hurtful words. But the poor ice seller managed to keep himself calm, hopeful that someday his

success will speak back in the face of the woman. He continue selling the ice blocks and attending the university until finally he graduated.

After he graduated from the university, things were still the same for a while. This made the woman mock the man the more as he was still selling ice blocks in the market. She told him there are people who are not meant to be successful in life and he was one of such people because even after earning a university degree, he was still selling ice blocks in the market.

The man tried to make her understand that his delay was not his denial and that things were working out in his favor. But the more he tried to make the woman understand that things will change for the better and that he still believes she can become his wife, the more she mocked him and told him he spoke mere words.

As a matter of fact, their country had just begun to recover from the devastation of the war they fought for more than a decade. The time came for them to conduct their presidential and general elections. Because of the man’s character and the leadership qualities he exhibited within his community over the years, the people of his constituency petitioned him to contest for their seat in the National Legislature.

At the end of the race, he won the election and became a Member of the House of Representatives. The man’s contributions to the National growth and development agenda of the country eventually earned him the seat of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, making him the third most powerful man in the country.

The woman was still selling in the market. She was the one who took the time one day at a church program to advise young girls to be careful about the way they turn down the proposal of men, even if they genuinely don’t want any romantic relationship with them.

She used her own experience with the man, who was still the Speaker of the House of Representatives at the time, as a case study in her address during the church program. For all the insults, mockery, shame, and emotional injuries he sustained from the woman, the poor ice seller took his revenge by becoming successful and overcoming poverty.

He was able to use his salaries and allowances to build a hotel and open a farm. He has no treason to sell ice blocks again. The man didn’t target the woman. He targeted his condition. He succeeded and his success shamed and defeated the woman. In the end, she confessed and I quote, ‘I should have been the wife of the Speaker by now but I lost my chance when I looked at the present and ignored the future.’ [Unquote]

What is it you think you are being overlooked for? What is it you think you are being maltreated for? What is it you think you are being insulted for?

What are the reasons for which you had those hurtful experiences that make up your bitter past?

Those are the things you should focus on healing, correcting, adjusting, or overcoming. Those are the sources of your offenders’ offenses. Overcome those sources and you will defeat your offenders. Disarm your attacker and he will surrender. The best way to take revenge is to succeed.

Why is success the best revenge?

1.    Because it saves you the waste of time, trying to prove a point.

The time you will take to fight back and prove a point to those who think you are of lesser value than them, can be used to improve yourself. Remember, I said earlier that it is people’s beliefs of other people that give them the audacity to take advantage of them. So if you succeed, your success proves to the ones who looked down on you and offended you that they were wrong from the very beginning. And this is far more painful than taking an eye for an eye.

2.       Because it saves you the waste of energy, trying to get even.

Already there are tons and tons of hate in the world today, so why add up to them? The energy you will waste trying to get even with your offenders can be exerted into activities that will keep you going on your path to success. Listen, we don’t win by our arguments; we win by our actions. And our actions must be directed towards making us successful if we want our success to become our revenge. Win through your achievements. Win through your success and not through arguments or fights.

3.       Because it makes you more powerful than your opponents.

To win through your success or to make sure your success takes revenge for you, you will have to avoid focusing on your offenders and arguing with them. This means you will display a good degree of silence. And silence is one of the greatest weapons for defeating your enemies. Whenever you are being attacked or offended and you remain silent, it triggers fear within your attackers or offenders because they can’t figure out what is going on in your mind; they can’t figure out what you are up to and what is your next move.

So by the time you emerge successful out of your silence, your opponents realized how foolish they had been all the while. The truth of the matter is that most of the attacks and offenses we receive are sheer distractions from what truly matters, so ignoring them makes your opponents realize that they are not strong enough to distract you and that you are stronger than them.

4.         Because it prevents you from sustaining more emotional injuries.

When people undermine, insult, suppress, maltreat, overlook or take advantage of us, it hurts a lot. Going after your offenders and trying to prove a point to them only makes you more vulnerable and keeps you exposed to more emotional injuries. So when you focus on yourself and the things that pertain to your success, you keep yourself off the spot of susceptibility to both physical and emotional injuries.

So when you chose to win through your success, you will find out that you are keeping yourself from being injured continuously by your offenders. And when your success begins to speak for you, you will appreciate yourself for how much you have overcome without having to waste your time and energy.

Always endeavor to take your revenge by your success, and not by returning evil for evil. When you take your revenge by being successful, it proves to your offenders, opponents, and naysayers that you are not the only one who has defeated them but they have also defeated themselves. And self-defeat is the greatest defeat.

Always remember, ĒruĒh is Ēhg grgaĒgsĒ rgligion!

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